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Posted by de Smit Medical Systems
1st March 2016

vPad-ES and vPad-353

FINAL_vPad-ESFINAL_vPad-353Begin your Vision Pad experience with a new standard in ‘basic’ manual testing.
vPad-ES and vPad-353 provides basic electrical safety in a new, rich graphical environment using an Android tablet. Testing can be done following the requirements of the IEC60601, AAMI-ES1 or IEC62353 standards. As individual tests are made, a test record is created in internal memory. The results of the test can be viewed at any time , or saved to a test report file for printing or distribution. A 25 point, fixed format physical inspection procedure is standard in the basic apps, and forms part of the final test report. Basic electrical safety testing has never been so easy.

Record Manager

Record_ManagerView/Print/Convert and Copy Test Reports.
Record Manager provides direct access to all test reports created by the vPad Apps. Reports can be reviewed on screen. In addition, reports can be converted to PDF documents; printed to a wireless printer; or copied to USB or a Bluetooth device (PC) one at a time, or in user selected groups. File management has never been so easy or complete on a basic manual safety tester.

Datrend Docs

FINAL_DOCS_AppSave, store and find technical documents.
The vPad Datrend Docs is a technical document library, ideal for storing electronic manuals, procedures and specifications. Datrend Docs is included with all vPad products.

Optional Apps


Customisable security for your vPad tablet.
vPad-Secure is a multi level security app for the vPad Platform, designed for organisations who need the ability to control workflow from a central location. With four levels of security, vPad-Secure enables administrators to set the level of access available to users of the vPad system.

vPad-AS, vPad-NFPA and vPad-A3

vPad-ASvPad-NFPA Blue tabletvPad-A3Expand your inspection capabilities, standardise your test methods, and reduce testing times.
The vPad-AS, vPad-NFPA and vPad-A3 are automation applications for the vPad ES and vPad-353 Manual Electrical Safety Analysers. These apps provide the ability to automate the electrical safety test the way you require, to the Standard you want. Automation sequences, to follow the required Standard, can be created for as many scenarios as you can envisage, with no restrictions. These autosequences can be named to your preference, with an additional description field to provide details of what the autosequence entails – no more guessing. Test Instructions can be displayed, along with pictures or video to describe what to do during the test. In addition to this flexibility in creating electrical safety autosequences, an Equipment Inspection, up to 50 steps, can also be tailored to your needs.

vPad Check

vPad-CHECKThe ultimate level of automation.
Using a script based Checklist, the autosequence can now be any number of tasks, in any order, with pass / fail limits applied. Individual tasks can be almost anything: inspect, measure, pass/fail, electrical safety sequence (vPad-AS or vPad-A3), etc. You will even be able to control other devices either wired or wirelessly, and import their test results. You can now create the test you want.


vPad-mTExport Medtester files to a vPad compatible file.
If you are currently working with a CMMS program that produces medTester export files, vPad-mT will convert the files (MTEXPORT.ITM, MTEXPORT.LST, MTEXPORT.IDN) into a vPad-Check compatible file. (Pre-requisite: vPad-Check)


vPad-XPORTConvert files to be ready in almost any program.
vPad creates test reports in a text file format. vPad-XPORT can convert those files into a format that is compatible with your CMMS program. Currently, vPad-XPORT supports CSV, XML and MUP file formats, but if you can define your needs, we can probably create a conversion that works for you. Works in conjunction with vPad-mT.


vPad-EQMTrack equipment and work orders.
vPad-EQM is a simple and easy-to-use equipment manager app for your vPad system. Import your equipment information from any asset program that can create an Excel spreasheet, or create it on-the-go as you encounter the equipment. Trace your work through work orders and test reports.


vPad-CALTrack the test equipment inventory, its calibration status, and include this information in the test record.
As accreditation requirements change, the need to follow the tenets of the Quality Systems approach to all aspects of medical device maintenance is becoming the norm. One of these tenets is traceability. One of the requirements of a good, traceable service, preventive maintenance and calibration program is the ability to demonstrate that the work was performed using appropriate, calibrated test instruments. vPad-Cal provides a tool to track the test equipment inventory, its calibration status, and include this information in the test record for a device through the use of vPad-Check.


vPad-STM 2 128Create automated electrical safety tests.
vPad-STM™ is a software application (App) which may be installed on vPad-ES™ and vPad-353™ electrical safety analysers, and which may be used in conjunction with vPad-AS™ and/or vPad-A3™ Apps to create automated electrical safety tests of arbitrary complexity. Such tests may be required when evaluating electrical safety of medical devices in full conformance with IEC standards. vPad-STM provides these benefits when combined with the test capabilities of vPad-AS and vPad-A3:

  • perform IEC electrical safety tests of equipment providing a variety of medical functions, where each medical function may have a differing number of applied parts (patient leads) and protection class (Type B, BF or CF)
  • perform tests which combine measurements from different IEC safety standards, for example, perform leakage testing per IEC60601 in combination with insulation resistance testing per IEC62353
  • perform electrical safety tests in accordance with Edition 2 of IEC60601, instead of Edition 3 which is the default used by vPad-AS when the “limits per standard” setting is enabled